From regime change to authoritarian stability? The Trump presidency and the Syrian Civil War

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Originally published December 17, 2016 Author: Aron Woonink* Many jars of ink have been spilt on Donald Trump’s election last month. Every spectator, whether they’re journalists, policymakers or ordinary citizens, wonders what this remarkable figure’s victory will mean for the US and the rest of the world. Will Muslims be banned from entering the US? […]

Non Violent Communication in Mediation of Conflicts

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Originally published November 27, 2016 Author:  Lani M. Anaya Jiménez* For  a long time conflict resolution processes tended to be observed and mediated on a state basis where high level actors where the most important ones (Lederach, 1997). However, conflicts based on non-state actors have increased considerably during last ten years (UCDP, 2016). As a […]

Changing colors: a glance at identity group voting in Texas, Utah and Iowa

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Originally published November 6, 2016 Authors: Alessandro Fava, Joel Martinsson and Sofia Jarvis* The 2012 Election was with American measurements a devastating loss for the Republican Party and its nominee Mitt Romney. In the wake of Romney’s failed presidential bid the Republican party presented an evaluation of what went wrong, labelling it “The Growth and […]